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Naval Academy, Sudan, Port Sudan, Main Corniche, Opp. the Seaport Club

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Mon – Fri9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Studying in Sudan is one of the strongest Arab destinations, both scientifically and practically. And it is one of the most interesting studies in the world, because it contains many advantages, the most important of which is that it allows all students to achieve educational attainment with high reliability and achieve all their dreams of studying abroad.

Take the initiative to contact us through our website to get the best features for all your dreams, as they are meanings that will become reality, and let us embrace the facts that will finally become a tangible reality that we feel in our lives and the future of your children, and despite the advantages that always make it at the forefront, it also has some non-academic defects. It does not pose a heavy burden to study and the student can easily skip it.

Do not worry about the international recognition of the certificates. We have achieved twinning with the Jordanian Academy of Maritime Studies by accrediting the certificates through the International Maritime Organization (IMO). This achieves international recognition and acceptance of all certificates that graduated from the Maritime Academy - Sudan.

We tell you all the details and answer all the questions that you would like to answer via the website, e-mail, social media and academy phones so that you can apply to the Naval Academy (Sudan) and achieve your dream and we will be with you step by step until you receive the certificate of your success.

The maritime education and training system in Sudan and in the world as a whole is not affiliated with higher education and is not compared to universities, and bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees are not granted in it, but it is affiliated with the maritime administrations and the International Maritime Organization ( IMO ) .

Conditions for accreditation of maritime institutes and maritime training institutions represented by the Maritime Administration. The Sudanese Ministry of Transport, and grants certificates of eligibility to the successful ones to qualify their holders to work on board commercial ships all over the world, noting that the Maritime Academy (Sudan) is under the direct auspices and supervision of the Jordanian Academy for Maritime Studies with a joint cooperation agreement as Jordan is a country on the white list of the Maritime Organization Therefore, its certificates are accredited all over the world .

The certificate is equalized by the Supreme Council of Universities in the Arab Republic of Egypt .

Costs for studying navigation and marine engineering, including housing and food.

First of all, dear student , the costs may vary between one maritime academy and another And we remain the best with our scientific advantages and guard your children with a disciplined system that educates first before it learns to create a good generation before it is superior scientifically and is interested in life and science together, so we can reassure the hearts of parents, we are keen to complete your message towards their sons and daughters.

Student financial fees

  • Preparatory period is 2070 US dollars (only for students of the literary section and scholars who have obtained less than 70% in the secondary certificate exam or its equivalent).
  • First period 2415 USD
  • Second period 2415 USD
  • Third period 2415 USD
  • Fourth period 2415 USD

Credit hours for the preparatory period and (21) credit hours for the first to fourth semester, the cost of one credit hour at the Academy is 114 US dollars.

Internal housing for three months, the amount of 810 US dollars per student in the preparatory period, and for four months from the first to the fourth semester, the amount of 1080 US dollars.

Subsistence for three months is 1350 US dollars per student in the preparatory period and for four months from the first to fourth semesters, 1800 US dollars.

Uniforms for the academy and books at a cost of $205.

Health insurance fees for the semester and the preparatory period are 120 US dollars.

The student needs a laptop with good specifications during his studies at the academy, from preparatory period to graduation.

In addition to the above fees , an application fee of $ 15 , and a one-time security deposit upon joining the study, is refundable in the absence of fines of $ 28 .

In addition to the above fees, the English language exam fee is 60 US dollars for each time, as the exam is considered a graduation requirement with a rate of 60% or more .


12 Months Marine Oriented Training Fees on Board Ships:

  • Naval training directed to the Naval Engineering Department: 9,520 US dollars .
  • Naval training directed to the Naval Department: 9,520 US dollars .
  • Marine training directed to the Naval Electrical Engineering Department: 9,520 US dollars .

At a rate of 70 US dollars per credit hour for 136 credit hours, in addition to housing and subsistence for 12 months, 5400 US dollars.

Fees for the first qualifying course 6 months :

  • Engineering shift officer 45 $25.1 .
  • Navigational shift officer 55 61 US dollars .
  • Electrical technician officer 45 25.1 US dollars .

( For more details, see the Admission and Registration Guide)


  • Providing educational and guidance advice to students while providing the best options according to the requirements and conditions for accreditation of maritime institutes and maritime training institutions for management Navy Ministry of Transport .
  • Extracting admission to the Academy in a short period of time.
  • Providing students with the necessary information about the study, tuition fees, housing and subsistence and its costs.
  • Assisting students in translating and attesting the required documents, obtaining a visa, a place of residence, and a travel ticket.

Securing the reception at the airport and assisting students in obtaining accommodation affiliated to the Academy throughout the study period.

Entry requirements:

  • Age requester not less than 18 years old and not more than 28 years old, male and female when starts studying.
  • Availability fitness medical and pass Tests admissions assessed for my oath Navigation and engineering marine.
  • Obtaining a high school diploma in the science course with an average of 70% or more in the two departments of navigation and engineering, or its equivalent from foreign certificates,
  • Students who obtain a percentage less than the required percentage for admission or students of the literary course are accepted after attending and passing the preparatory period that qualifies for joining the Academy.


Fill out the application form.

  • Certificate Success at high school the public or extractor Official of them (documented).
  • Certificate Birth or extractor Official of them.
  • Picture the card Personal or passport travel.
  • 10 personal photos b white background size 4×6 recent.
  • Criminal record.
  • Letter with approval Embassy on Enrollment at the academy for nationalities Which require their embassy that.
  • Pay fees Application and admission tests (non-refundable) $200 .
  • Certificate medical with collar physical and mentality.
  • Students studying international programs equivalent to high school must provide a certificate of study details And two letters of recommendation from professors' acquaintances in the educational authority .
  • Proof of English language proficiency, if any.
  • Any other scientific or professional certificates, if any.
  • Work experience, if any.
  • Any other scientific or professional certificates, if any.
  • Curriculum vitae, if any.
  • Courses, if any.


This system allows the student to apply to the Academy before the results of the secondary stage appear and pay the expenses. The student submits the results of the first stage in the third year of high school and the results of the subjects of the first two years of secondary school - a certificate of enrollment in the second year of secondary school.

Preparing the next generation of maritime transport workers

  • I worked a company Prince Othman Digna , since its establishment in 2011, has been aligning its projects with the economic plans and the Sudanese economic vision national priorities .
  • Following the start of marine projects, the company realized the importance of the need to promote marine training and knowledge in the region, and prepare the next generation of future leaders to engage in the maritime sector in the regional and Arab regions.
  • This encouraged the company in 2022 AD to establish an academy Bahriya Naval Training, which is now known as the Naval Academy (Sudan) , in the city of Coastal Port Sudan is the country's pulsating heart . This academy aimed to enhance the company's contribution to building the economy, knowledge, and transportation The leading marine in the region b Education and training for the maritime sector.

The courses offered at the Naval Academy have gained international recognition in the sea in light of the joint cooperation with the Jordanian Academy for Maritime Studies and Maritime Administration at the Ministry of Transport.

Excellence in training

  • The Sudan Maritime Academy represents a dedicated, integrated and comprehensive center for maritime training, offering training programs in all fields of maritime education and marine sciences , and relying on an effective academic structure, all academic teachers and trainers are licensed to train according to the highest professional standards approved in the global maritime sector .
  • The Academy is the first institution at the regional and Arab levels offer programs training Specialized In the maritime sector on all areas and training programs such as ARPA , ECDIS and GMDSS communications . Courses are offered in accordance with international training programs or are developed based on the needs of maritime sector users.
  • Mentors and trainers provide lessons in a wide range of international mandatory and non-compulsory courses in an enjoyable way to ensure progress of the participants. The Academy can develop customized training models according to requests, in addition to a wide range of short courses for the marine services markets to benefit from youth energies .
  • To meet the national demand And regionally for specialists in the maritime sector, the Naval Academy is the only institution in Sudan that offers a trainee programme Marine with international recognition from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for graduates of the Sudanese certificate to be ship captains or marine engineers and work on ships in national and international waters .
  • This academic study, in addition to the theoretical aspect , includes practical aspects on board ships , in which the student obtains a certificate of a navigational duty officer, a first navigation officer (chief officer), a high seas captain, an engineering duty officer, a second marine engineer, a chief marine engineer, as well as competency certificates Specialized .
  • for marine studies According to the general orientation of the state , the Naval Academy is based on training and refining the skills of national cadres interested in working in the maritime sector through studies the introduction at the academy marine .
  • The Naval Academy also provides opportunities training For students of sisterly and friendly countries from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirates, the State of Qatar, the State of Bahrain, the Sultanate of Oman, the Egyptian Arab Republic, the State of Ethiopia, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Chad, Djibouti and some sisterly and friendly countries where no The number of students in one semester exceeds more than 100 students , so that admission takes place twice a year, on the first of October and the first of February.


Participation of women in the maritime sector

  • According to the international requirements of the International Maritime Organization ( IMO ) Women are allowed to participate in maritime rehabilitation for up to 25% of the marine cadre to work on board commercial ships and port guidance in seaports. , to be an active element in the development of society, such as marine captains for commercial ships and guides.


Early admission

This system allows the student to apply to the Academy before the results of the secondary stage appear and pay the expenses. The student submits the results of the first stage in the third year of high school and the results of the subjects of the first two years of secondary school - a certificate of enrollment in the second year of secondary school .

Tuition fees can be paid to the Academy account at the Saudi Sudanese Bank, Madinah Branch Port Sudan , Republic of Sudan, with an explanation of the student's name - and the student's registration number.

Account No.: 3460300035 (for dollar transfer)

Account No.: 346000015 (for transfer in Egyptian pounds)


Online Admission

The student can fill out an application for admission through the Academy's website , after which he will complete his procedures.

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